CGS Speakers Bring it Home!

Our Grade 2/3’s have once again impressed us with their incredible public speaking skills. The final round on Tuesday was an absolute pleasure – topics included How To Calm Down, Why Not to Get a Dog, Skateboarding, The Titanic and The Good Ol’ Days. The children arrived polished and ready to present. Speakers were assessed on content, voice (fluency, projection etc), captivation of their audience, eye contact, posture, and memory.

Congratulations to our 2020/21 winner T! Congratulations also goes out to all the speakers and to the entire Grade 2/3 class for their participation in the process and for their excellent listening skills. This group of children really inspires – the support and respect they have for one another is wonderful to witness. Way to go team! We are very proud of you all. Thank you to our judges too, your positive and constructive feedback for the participants was so appreciated. There is so much to learn but these speakers are already well on their way to a lifetime of successful public speaking.