CGS Spirit Week

Day 1: Sports Day

For Day 1 of Spirit Week, everyone arrived on Monday in their favourite sports team jersey or hat. Classes made up team cheers and talked about their favourite teams.

Day 2: Career Day

Spirit Week Day 2 was ‘Dress to Impress’ for your future career. All of our students (and some of our staff!) dressed for their best day at work.


Our classes had special visits from parents so that they could talk about their careers. Special thanks to our amazing parents for joining our classes and sharing so generously with our students!

Day 3: Pajama Day

‘Sweet Dreams Day’ was our Spirit Week cozy pajama time. Everyone wore their coziest pajamas and brought their teddy bears. Our older classes paired up with the younger classes to read them a story.

Classes also had a special visit from ‘Gran Granelda’ (aka Mani) for the bedtime story ‘Once Upon a Mattress’.

Day 4

Spirit Week Day 4 was team building day. Classes put their teamwork superpowers to great use by making puzzles and building block structures.