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Teacup and Refugee the Teddy Bear

Our Grades 2 – 4 classes had a deeply meaningful lesson this week. The students each chose a teacup filled with a special item and described the item to the rest of the group and what that item may represent. Teacher, Paula, had the group discuss what’s important to them in life and what may be a part of a happy, safe, good life. Paula then asked them how the children in Ukraine may be adapting in order to find a happier, safer life right now. They read the story ‘Teacup’ about a boy who is forced to leave home one day and sail to a safer place. The only things the boy is able to take with him are a book, a bottle, a blanket, and a teacup with some earth from where he used to play. They met ‘Refugee’ the Teddy Bear. Refugee is a little teddy bear who was gifted to Zofia from her mother in 1945. You can read more about Refugee at this link. The students discussed how other children may feel when they have to find a new home.

Principal’s Club

Our Principal’s Club members are working hard to make the playdough to fulfill all of the orders placed by members of our CGS Community. During this week’s club meeting they finished so many batches of playdough. Using some serious elbow grease, they kneaded the dough and added food colouring to create the beautiful colours. If you have placed an order for playdough be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox for information about a delivery date! All proceeds from the Principal’s Club Playdough Fundraiser will go to the Olive Branch for Children to support their ongoing work in Tanzania.