CGS This Week

Early Start 

The Early Start class learned about Kwanzaa this week. They learned about the 7 Principles of the 7 day African-American celebration. Unity, self-determination, working together, sharing, purpose, creativity and faith. They read the story of Kwanzaa and based their phonics lesson on the letter ‘K’.
It was a very exciting day when the Early Start’s opened Santa’s letter to them. Santa told them all about the things happening in the North Pole – Rudolph’s recent adventures and Mrs. Claus taking on the workshop renovation project! Santa was so happy that the teachers in Early Start helped the students with their letters and is so proud of how helpful and caring the students are with each other. Santa would like to remind EVERYONE to be sure to leave a delicious treat for him and Rudolph when they are delivering presents!

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class has been busy creating gifts for their ‘Festive Friends’ gift exchange. They made winter themed buttons, beautiful hat and mitten ornaments and special decorations. The felt decorations included their ‘Festive Friend’s’ first initial, a word to describe their friend and festive decorations, heart gems and pompoms.
The JK Festive Friends week culminated with the gift exchange.

Grade 1

The Grade 1’s have been busy learning all about our 5 Senses in Science! We have already done experiments using our sense of touch and smell, but we wanted to bring all 5 together with the best experiment yet… Using POPCORN!
Using their 5 senses, the students had to use adjectives to describe the many ways popcorn smells, looks, feels, tastes and sounds. Using their newfound knowledge of procedural writing, they were tasked with explaining three reasons why they like popcorn and provide 10 adjectives to describe popcorn. Lastly, the Grade 1’s used all their senses as they made freshly popped popcorn! The best part was getting to use their sense of taste! It was a fun-filled, popping good day!

Grade 2

The Grade 2 class read The Stick Man this week. Separated from his family, the Stick Man encounters many adventures and challenges before being reunited with them. The story speaks to tenacity in the face of challenge, the power of love and the desire to be seen for who you really are. As a part of their reading comprehension the students created these beautiful, seasonal trees.

Grades 3&4

The Grades 3&4 class took on a fun winter themed STEM activity. Their challenge was to create a snow fort out of only toothpicks and marshmallows.