CGS This Week

Early Start

Our Early Start students recently learned all about ocean animals. They discussed the qualities of each animal and then choose their own favourite ocean animal to draw a picture of and write some facts about.

Junior Kindergarten

For one of our recent ‘Fun Fridays!’ our JK class teamed up in groups of 2 or 3 to create these beautiful animal collages.
The students were so committed to their research! Their teamwork and creativity shows in every collage.

SK Science Club

The SK Science club made their own slime this week. Using a combination of shaving cream, glue and contact solution they saw the mixture turn to slime right before their eyes. They added food colouring to make the slime the exact colour they wanted. The club members were fascinated to learn the science behind why and how mixing these ingredients results in slime.

Soccer Club

Our Soccer Clubs got underway this week and both the Gr 1-4 and the JK/SK clubs enjoyed good weather for their first meeting. Club members started to learn the rules of the game and worked on some of the fundamentals of footwork and kicking.

Principal’s Club

The Principal’s Club had a special visit for their first meeting of Term 3. Deborah, founder of The Olive Branch for Children, visited our Principal’s Club all the way from Tanzania! She delivered drawings from some of the students at the Olive Branch Montessori Academy which is the school that our CGS Principal’s Club fundraising initiatives supports. In turn our students delivered letters and friendship bracelets that Deborah will take with her for the Montessori children in Tanzania.
The club members learned how their fundraising has directly added computers, microscopes and furnishings to the school. The students were fascinated to learn about the mobile libraries that The Olive Branch for Children hosts. There are 11 bicycle libraries support 13 different communities!