CGS Welcomes Our Newest Staff!

A new CGS school year has finally begun and we couldn't be more excited to welcome some new staff members to our CGS family! Without further ado, please meet our new teachers!

Karen Zarr - Early Start

Karen Zarr<p>Preschool</p>

I’m Karen Zarr and this is my first year at CGS! I am thrilled to be meeting all of you and extremely excited for this school year! I have been teaching in early childhood for over 30 years. My goal is to teach in a fun, enriching and empathetic manner touching on all areas of child development.

Outside of the classroom I can always be found with my family and friends.

I don’t measure the amount of people in my life, it’s the quality and true connections I have with my loved ones that matters most to me.

We are a family who watches and plays all kinds sports. Football is the favourite! Every Sunday Monday and Thursday night my family sits and watches football. It’s fun and loud, but more importantly we are together.

I’m a true believer in open communication. The more we share the better success we will have in helping each child grow, and set them up to be confident, happy and empathetic individuals. Cheers to an incredible year to come filled with lots of laughter and learning!

Ami Edberg - JK

 My name is Ami Edberg and I am one of the new teachers in your child's Junior Kindergarten classroom. I am overjoyed to launch into this school year with the talented team of staff members at CGS.
Stemming back to my own childhood memories and what led me to this loving and rewarding career is no other than my JK teacher. The impact of her nurturing and creative personality aligned with my love and passion for children resulted in my career choice as a RECE teacher.
Ami Edberg<p>JK</p>

I bring along with me 32 years of gratifying teaching experience to children ranging in ages 3-7 years old. My goal as an educator, is to enhance and guide their learning while continuing to build social, emotional, mental and physical developmental skills resulting in positive success. I plan to continue to use the whole child teaching approach which has gifted me throughout the years in this field. I pride myself on using a hands on learning curriculum coupled with an inquiry base child directed program.

When I am not in the classroom teaching, planning, or decorating, one can usually find me watching my son play hockey, or watching hockey alongside my son. I absolutely love the warmer seasons where I spend many hours outdoors walking my dog and spending time with friends.

Here in JK we pride ourselves in open communication with our families to ensure a successful school year for all.  I look forward to a year filled with positivity, smiles and on-going achievements!


Tinku Chowdary - Learning Strategies 

Tinku Chowdary<p>Learning Strategies</p>

Hello! My name is Tinku Chowdary, and I am the new Learning Strategies Teacher at Children’s Garden School. I am very excited to be part of the CGS family and look forward to getting to know you and your little ones!

I recently graduated from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) with a Master of Teaching degree blended with several teaching experiences working with children as young as infant to as old as grade eight.

As an Ontario Certified Teacher and Registered Early Childhood Educator, I have completed nine field practicums, and have worked with children in an expansive scope of their interests and learning abilities. I am excited and confident we will have a remarkable year here together at CGS.   

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and of course travelling! One of my core memories as an Educator is when I got to volunteer at a refugee camp while travelling to my hometown Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a great opportunity to educate refugee children as I believe education enables children to learn about themselves and the world around them as they work to rebuild their lives, and communities, assisting them in becoming self-sufficient.  

Here’s to awesome year filled with limitless opportunities with the entire CGS family and community.

Meghan Bryan - Grade 1

I’m Meghan Bryan, your homeroom teacher for this upcoming school year in Grade 1. We have a great year ahead of us!

I am joining Children’s Garden School with 6 years of experience at independent schools, teaching english, drama and history. Grade One is a fantastic grade to learn, explore, and work with one another. It is all about newfound independence, responsibility, and fun! I know that our Grade One adventure can be a big change, but I know that we can do it together.

Meghan Bryan<p>Grade 1</p>

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time outside in the garden, on the golf course or out on the lake. A huge sports fan, you will catch me watching football on Sundays and cheering on the Leafs during hockey season. Looking forward to our wildly, wonderful year!

Gabrielle Ritchie - Grade 2/3

Gabrielle Ritchie<p>Grade 2 & 3</p>

Hello! My name is Gabrielle, and I am thrilled to be joining Children’s Garden School as one of the Grade 2/3 teachers. I discovered my passion for teaching as a dance instructor during my high school years. After teaching, training and performing ballet professionally across Canada, the United States and Europe, I completed my Bachelor of Education in Vancouver. There, I taught Grade 4/5 before returning back home to Toronto.


Last school year, I had a fantastic experience teaching an energetic Grade 1 bunch, and I am delighted to be continuing as a Primary teacher. At this young age, when they are so often underestimated by society at large with regards to their brilliance, I strive to empower my students through the acknowledgement and nurturing of their vast intellectual and creative potential.

As a dancer and daughter of a visual artist, I recognize the power and pleasure of multimodal expression, and I am sure to integrate creation and movement across all that we do. I am also an avid reader and find peace in nature; these are wonders that I wish to share with all my students, too. Ultimately, through art, movement, nature, and confidence in our cognitive abilities, I believe that we can achieve beyond our wildest dreams. My dream, beginning in the classroom, is that we all go there together.

Xaviérine Dubois - French

Bonjour! My name is Xaviérine Dubois, and I'm thrilled to be a French instructor here at Children's Garden School. Originally from the enchanting city of Versailles in France, I find great joy in immersing students in my culture through the magic of music and children’s literature, enriching their grasp of the French language.

My journey led me to Toronto in 2019, a move I've never regretted.

Xaviérine Dubois<p>French Teacher</p>

After finding my place in this vibrant city, I dedicated two years to supporting and stepping in for teachers at Toronto French School, engaging with students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Beyond the classroom, you might spot me taking leisurely strolls accompanied by my faithful canine companion. When I seek moments of tranquility, I have a creative passion: knitting. It's my way of unwinding and nurturing my artistic side.

I am genuinely excited to be part of your child's educational journey, fostering their connection with the French language and culture in a way that's both enjoyable and impactful. I look forward to a wonderful year together!

Julia Stephens - SK / Learning Strategist

Julia Stephens<p>SK</p>

Hello! My name is Julia Stephens, and I am the new Senior Kindergarten teacher at Children's Garden School. As a new member of the CGS family, I am very excited to get to know you all and learn and grow together throughout the school year!  

 As an Ontario certified teacher and Registered Early Childhood Educator, I bring five years of teaching experience working with children from infancy through to grade six.

With the recent completion of my Master of Arts in Child Study and Education degree combined with my varied teaching experiences working with children with a wide range of interests and abilities, I am confident we will have a fruitful and rewarding year together.  

When I am not teaching, I enjoy anything that has a creative aspect to it. Before pursuing education as a career, I went to school for SPFX and animatronics, where I learned to create some pretty realistic and scary zombie and monster looks for movies! Although I am no longer working in this field, I thoroughly enjoy incorporating my passion for the creative arts into my teachings.

Tina Gallippi - SK 

Hello I am Tina Gallippi one of the new Senior Kindergarten teachers! I bring 15+ years of teaching experience in the school setting, as well as working with children in outdoor summer programs. My first years as an elementary teacher, were at the very start of the full day kindergarten program. I have also grown as a teacher alongside excellent mentors, and I am excited about joining the CGS community.
Tina Gallippi<p>SK</p>
When I am not teaching, you can find me enjoying the venues and beautiful spaces of Toronto, with my family and friends. My hobbies include sewing, knitting, baking, violin, and more.


I am so looking forward to an enriching year with not only my new SK class and co-teacher Paula, but with this entire warm and welcoming CGS community throughout the year to come!