Connection – September’s Character Education

It didn’t take long for the J.K.’s to understand the importance of our September monthly character trait: Connection! Whether it was re-connecting with former friends or reaching out and connecting with our new classmates. The J.K.’s have had fun mixing and mingling during snack, lunch, recess, Teamwork Tuesdays, and free-play time. The Buddy Bench in our playground is also a terrific opportunity for the children to gather and offer comfort to one another. It’s a place to feel safe and know that we are all here for one another.

The children enjoyed listening to the story “The invisible String” which reminded us that no one is EVER alone. We encourage our CGS families to enjoy this story as a family at home. Other books we have explored this month are “A Letter from Your Teacher “, “Be Kind” and “The way I feel.”


Our J.K. friends also learned about the special connection/bond Terry Fox had with his friend Doug. Although they didn’t start out as great friends, their relationship grew along with the respect and love they had for one another. During Team building, the children have been working together to create interesting structures. What a great opportunity for them to connect!

Thank you JK’s for launching us off so well on our Character Education journey this school year. Next month we will be focusing on the character trait Integrity!