Check out the Library!

Check Out the Library!


Exciting things are happening in the CGS library! After a nice clean out this summer, we are continuing to add to our collection. We have been so impressed with the enthusiasm of our students in requesting new books and making suggestions about what would help build our collection. The library is a great place for students to be involved in the school and we are happy to encourage student voice. Reading is such an important part of what we do at CGS, and the library encourages students to build independence with their reading. Allowing children to read what they like helps them to see themselves as readers and fosters a positive relationship with reading.

In addition to the wonderful choices made by students, we were very fortunate to receive several amazing books from our Usborne book fair, held earlier in the fall. We were able to purchase over 20 books with the funds from this sale. Our purchases focused on nonfiction books about animals, space, and dinosaurs as these are the most popular sections of our collection.