Checkmate 2018

Thank you all once more for another amazing year at CGS! Although I was unable to attend our last term personally, I’ve received great reviews from Mr. Septi. CGS has some of the brightest and inquisitive students and it has been our pleasure to be a part of their growth on and off of the chess board. Chess is such a wonderful game that encourages so much for children – from critical thinking and patience, to good sportsmanship and building confidence. The key will always be practice and consistency. With the summer break ahead of us, I encourage you to keep a small window open in your schedules for chess. Play together on the computer or even watch some chess videos on YouTube. As we say to our students, every chess player begins as a beginner, even the world champion! So practice, have fun, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – just make sure to learn from them!

We encourage everyone to visit our website and click “funwork” for more puzzles, memory challenges and quizzes throughout the summer holidays. On behalf of everyone at Chess with Mr. S – we wish you all a happy and safe summer!

Mr. S and the Chess with Mr. S team.
Arash Shahi “Mr. S”
Executive Director