Chilly Fun at Mountsberg

Well, it was a freezing cold day but the SK’s and Grade 1’s were full of anticipation and the spirit of adventure as they headed off to Mountsberg Conservation Area on Wednesday. The children had an amazing day out in nature. They learned all about how maple syrup is made. In fact, the syrup they tasted on Wednesday had just been sap taken from the trees on Sunday! The windy weather meant that the children couldn’t be out in the woods measuring the trees (trees have to be 25″ across to be viable to be tapped) so they did some of that learning inside. The children loved the cooperative part of the day when they were given the materials to build an outdoor structure for a person or an animal. Building teepees was a huge hit. The children also loved the wagon ride to Maple Town, the nature walk (where they met a Spring Peeper not yet awake for the spring – he was still frozen!), singing songs and seeing the animals in the barn. Thank you to Katherine and her team at Mountsberg for making the day so much fun.