Clark the Shark

During the month of May, the Early Start children have become experts in our Under the Sea unit! We have enjoyed many cross-curricular activities throughout the month. The children have loved hearing and learning many different stories and songs. Reading comprehension was a big focus and one of the favourite stories was “ Clark the Shark”. The children learned an important message about how there is a time and place for everything. The children also learned how to classify sea animals and make a venn diagram. They especially loved a science activity about floating and sinking. The art activities were endless, using a variety of textured materials including marble painting sea horses, sharks made out of newspapers and starfish made with sand. Several different mediums were used to create lots of wonderful art work. The Early Starts were very proud of their efforts! Our littlest friends have become well-versed in our Under the Sea critters.

Liz, Anah & Clare
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School