Class of 2020-2021

It was a virtual end to another school year. We so hoped to be in school for the final days but it was not to be. So, in characteristic CGS fashion, once we knew what we were dealing with, several plans were put in motion to make sure that the final assemblies were meaningful and fun for the children. Mani worked tirelessly on the final video (see the link below if you want to enjoy it again) and Marie, the teachers and our resident IT whizz Dayna, all had a long list of slideshows and videos to record and edit to mark the end of this unusual year. Classes met on their own for their final celebrations but Marie was a guest at the beginning of every assembly so she could award the Term ribbons. She also had another very important task to accomplish – she was there to award our special We Can Do Hard Things ribbon to each and every student. There has never been a year where students – and parents – deserved this more. Well done everyone! The ribbons will be mailed home to students along with their final report cards.

Now it’s time to take a break from screens, from uploading work to TEAMS and from checking daily schedules to make sure you don’t miss anything. Everyone deserves a hearty pat on the back for navigating one of the hardest years on school record. Congratulations CGS, you did it! Rest up and we look forward to seeing you all back in September. For those of you that are moving on, we’ll miss you and wish you wonderful school years ahead. Remember, wherever you are, You Can Do Hard Things.