Clubs Return to CGS

Junior Kindergarten 

JK Playdough Club created their own Olympic grounds. They made a beautiful ‘Olympic Village’ sign, a hockey rink, a skating rink, ski hills, and a bobsled track. They even made little athletes (including a snowboarder!) and mascots for their village. It was only appropriate that they start the club off with the national anthem.

Senior Kindergarten

The SK Dinosaur Club had a great time creating their construction paper dinosaurs. Club members cut out their dinosaur body parts and were so careful to have everything glued in the right place. Their dinosaur creations were made complete with the addition of googly eyes! Paula, Clara and Angela have great things planned for Dinosaur club next week so stay tuned!

The SK Hockey club had so much fun this week. Tony started teaching the club members the various team positions.

Grade 1 

Board Games Club got underway with the Grade 1’s forming pairs or teams depending on their board game choice. It was great to see the club members having so much fun on old school games and not ones that are on a device.

Mani got the Gr 1 Improv Club off and running with club members acting solo or in pairs while their ‘audience’ looked on. They were working on how to come up with an idea quickly when a new scenario comes their way. They are already showing great improvisational potential!

Grade 2

Grade 2 Chess Club started on Tuesday. Simon got all the club members going with some training so that he could assess everyone’s experience level. Next week they will be playing chess as human chess pieces!

Grade 3&4

Grades 3&4 Super Science club had lots of fun this week with their first experiment. When baking soda and vinegar are mixed, it creates a gas called carbon dioxide. The gas begins to expand in the bottle and starts to inflate the balloon. The more gas that is created, the larger the balloon will inflate.

Principal’s Club

During the first Term 2 Principal’s Club meeting the club members watched a video from The Olive Branch for Children school in Tanzania that was sent to CGS. The video was created by students at the school to thank CGS and the Principal’s Club members for their ongoing support of the school. It was a beautiful moment for the club.

Club members have already started brainstorming their fundraising ideas for Term 2.