Comfort in Familiar Things

For the first two weeks of our CGS Spirit at Home online program, our teachers had no access to their teaching materials. The school building was closed and many of our teachers were self-isolating after travel during March Break. For the first little while, they had to make do with whatever they could find around the house to teach their lessons. The teachers set up their at-home classrooms/workspaces as best they could for the children – making things seem as ‘normal’ as possible. Well, last weekend the teachers finally got access to their classrooms, very briefly, but with enough time to grab teaching materials and special things they thought the children would like to see. The look on one of our little Early Start’s faces when she saw the alphabet cards from circle time was absolutely priceless – total shock and joy to see something so familiar from her school home. She actually gasped! The Grade 2/3’s were thrilled to see their class photo from Septemeber that was posted on their classroom door too. The teachers were so happy to bring these small comforts to their students and to have their materials close at hand too.