Computer Skills in Grade 2/3

The Grade 2/3’s worked on a special project this week. We are very lucky to have the computers in our classroom, and this week we assigned our first technology project. Each student began by selecting their favorite author. They learned how to search their author’s name on Google and how to locate photos of their books. They then learned how to save a photo from Google onto the desktop of their computer. After this, they learned how to open Microsoft Word and insert their photos into their document. We then went through how to resize and move the images, how to create a centered title, and how to alter fonts and sizes of text. The students had a blast switching the size and font of their writing until they found one that they liked best. Their last task was to type a sentence or two about why they like the particular author that they chose. Their author posters hang proudly in our classroom and look great! The students did a terrific job on this project. They also completed a self-evaluation checklist that went through the valuable technology skills they achieved. We look forward to fostering their love of technology even more throughout the year. Way to go Grade 2/3’s!

Lisa and Jordan
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School