CGS Cross Canada Challenge

It was a Trans Canada Journey in gym class this week. The JK to Grade 1 classes took on the “Canada Challenge” for Wednesday’s gym class. Spoiler alert: all the classes completed the challenge with flying colours! The journey started in Halifax. In order to complete the 7 stop journey across Canada, students had to complete a variety of active challenges. The challenges ranged from balancing items on their heads to making sock balls for catching. There were 6 challenges in total, one for each stop on the journey. All of the children really enjoyed seeing their hard work pay off as they made their way across Canada as a class. This was a team activity, as everyone had to complete the activity before we could move on to our next city. Each stop included some fun trivia, for example, Winnipeg’s nickname is “Winterpeg” because of its status as the coldest city in North America! It is awesome to see such great attendance and participation in gym classes since going online, so keep up the great work everyone! Don’t forget our Olympic Day is set for tomorrow. The obstacle course will take a few minutes to set up, so I would recommend setting it up before Olympic Day kicks off!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s Olympic Day videos and awarding lots of House Points. Good luck Pegasus, Pavo, Draco and Delphinus!

Steve Walter
Physical Education/ Health Teacher
Children’s Garden School