CS Lewis Said It Best

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

~ CS Lewis

It was a short month at school in December but we still had time to talk about the meaning of humility and think about the way we move through our days at school. Congratulations to our Humility certificate recipients. We also had a special guest at the assembly. A very big thank you to Eleanor Edwards from the Yonge Street Mission for stopping by to meet the kids and receive our Holiday Outreach donations in person. She really appreciated the warm welcome from the Student Government. Eleanor told us all about the Toy Market at the Mission where parents can ‘shop’ with dignity for their children. The toys you donated will be added to their shelves.

The highlight of my week was visiting your school.
Words are not enough for how grateful we are for the presents and gift cards.
The Christmas cards from the children are absolutely beautiful.
~ Eleanor
Thank you for all of your contributions and for emphasizing the need for giving at home. We hope the children will always feel connected to the spirit of sharing resources and supporting others who have less.