Cyber Smarts to Share

CGS Staff gathered for some professional and personal development last night, kindly sponsored by a generous CGS parent. We were very fortunate to have Danny Pehar, an expert in cyber security, join us to talk about how to navigate the increasingly murky waters of keeping personal information safe and secure in an online world. His presentation was excellent and eminently listenable. (Confession: We thought it might be dry and maybe not so fun to get through after a long day on screens already, but we were pleasantly surprised by how engaging his presentation was.) The hour flew by and we had plenty of questions to keep Danny busy after the talk.

Danny has been working in the field of cyber security for 20 years and has refined his teachings over time to include concise graphics and relatable comics. Cyber security is an overwhelming subject and his visuals are a great guide to seeing where the cracks are and how to get things in order. See the first graphic below for example. Would you leave a thousand dollars cash on the dash of your car? No way! We need to think about our personal information like it is money and make sure it is protected and stored properly. Watch for more tips from Danny on our Instagram and Facebook pages over the next few weeks. (His hope was that we would share these important tools with as many people as possible.) Thank you, Danny!