Design Your Own Float

This past Sunday, some of our students attended the Santa Claus parade and were excited to share all of the amazing floats that they saw. We then found coverage of this year’s parade and showed the children some of the fabulous and creative floats that were displayed. The children were so fascinated by them that we decided this would be an amazing opportunity to incorporate floats into our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.

The guidelines for our assignment were that the children had to create a float that would be featured in the Santa Claus parade. First, we had the students design and draw their own floats, letting their imaginations flow as they listened to Christmas music for inspiration. We then had them write about their floats, describing the theme, materials used and the special way they decorated their floats to make them stand out from the crowd. Lastly, the students got to choose one of our STEM bins to actually build their creations and bring them to life!

It has been such an exciting process and the children have had such a wonderful time being able to not only show off their creativity, but to also get to show off their inventive building skills while getting into the festive spirit.

Michelle L. and Michelle M.
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School