Dinner is Served!

We are thrilled to report that the PA-sponsored Teacher Appreciation Dinner last Thursday was a great success! See below for some background on the event and how it came together this year.

Typically, each spring, the PA provides a Staff Appreciation Breakfast. At our last meeting, there was a big discussion around this event and how it could still happen with Covid safety in mind. All the parents on the call agreed that we needed to do something significant to show our appreciation for the staff, especially given how challenging this year has been. We discussed different breakfast and lunch ideas, but each offered some challenges. We eventually settled on dinner kits as the best solution.

The PA reached out to Buca Restaurant, our long-time wonderful friends and generous supporters of the PA and Foundation. They were thrilled to be included in this initiative. They were INCREDIBLY supportive and included a second freezer-friendly meal as a gift to the staff. Buca went above and beyond by creating a special ‘cooking card’ with a personalized message for the staff that also included wine recommendations from their sommelier and a Spotify link for a Buca playlist. They were incredibly generous and supportive with their time and product!

The PA created a menu based on Buca’s current online menu. Staff were able to select a dinner kit, a dessert option and their freezer-friendly dinner.  Once we had the staff orders we placed our bulk order, and the project was in motion! At this time, another CGS family kindly offered to donate a $20 LCBO gift card for each staff member. They felt that it would make this event even more special for the staff if they had a nice bottle to enjoy with their meal. The PA was very grateful for this donation and was thrilled to include it in the package. On Thursday, in time for the long weekend ahead, we packed the orders into insulated grocery bags and delivered them to the smiling and hungry staff at CGS!

If all this talk of food makes you hungry, please order your own delicious dinner kits/takeout options for your family at Buca.ca. Store pickup or delivery.

Thank you to the PA for helping to initiate and support this revamped appreciation event for the staff. We have received several lovely emails thanking us for this special treat. Finally, thank you to our CGS parent community for your generous, ongoing support. The PA wouldn’t be able to create events like these without your support!

Kind regards,

Devon Domelle Parsons on behalf of the CGS PA


A note from the CGS Staff ~

Thank you CGS Parents! We felt so appreciated and well taken care of as we headed home for the long weekend last Thursday. Dinners in hand, the buzz was really fun as we compared our menus and when we were planning to eat our amazing meals. Many thanks, as always, for being so generous and for showing your appreciation in such a kind and thoughtful way. Special thanks to Devon and Anna Maria for organizing the event, to the Giazitzidis family and Buca for the wonderful food, and to the mystery parent who made sure there was a little something to go along with it.