Diversity and Art Come Together

It was a celebration of Diversity and Art on Thursday. We had our usual Term 1 Awards Assembly but this year we also had the added bonus of learning about and seeing what the Grade 2/3 class has been up to in their art classes. The children presented their work – a mix of pieces inspired by Picasso, Van Gogh, Paul Klee, the Northern Lights and themselves! (Their self-portraits were stunning and captured the wonderful diversity we are so lucky to have at CGS.) Parents enjoyed the pop-up art gallery in the hallway after the assembly. Thank you to our art teacher Carrie for overseeing all of this great work. Thank you to Marie and the Student Government as well for presenting the Term 1 ribbons. It is so good to see the Student Government take on such an active role at school. You guys are awesome and congratulations to all of the ribbon recipients too – we’re proud of you! Grade 1 Parents, save the date for the Term 2 Awards Assembly/Grade 1 Art Assembly on March 26.

A: My self-portrait is an expression of how I see myself. As you can see we are all diverse. My mom’s family is from Trinidad and Tobago, and my dad’s family is from Yugoslavia!
B: Diversity means being different. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and my mom is from New Zealand.
M: I wear glasses, and I can speak Mandarin.
G: My mom’s family is from Greece, and my dad’s family is from China! The world would be boring if we all looked alike, thought alike or sounded alike. We are different shapes and sizes but we are all kids and we are all growing each day.
Together: Being different is beautiful!