Diversity in JK

On Tuesday afternoon we introduced our January character trait, Diversity, to the class. We started off by asking the children if they knew the meaning of the word. Olivia quickly raised her hand and shared “It means people from different places celebrate different traditions.” It is so nice to hear and see that the children are already very familiar with the concept of diversity. Together we read and discussed the book It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr. Following the book, the children were given a different shaped piece of paper along with various materials to decorate in their own unique way. It was a wonderful way to end our Teamwork Tuesday. We also wanted to let everyone know that Term 2 started off with very happy news for our JK class – we welcomed two new friends to our family. Welcome Jack and Owen! The children are so pleased and embraced their new classmates with open arms.

Sara A & Meesh
JK Teachers
Children’s Garden School