Early Start Can Do Hard Things

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the office shares virtual morning announcements with the Early Start class so we can stay connected. On Thursdays in particular, we focus on We Can Do Hard Things. Here is the latest list from the children when they were asked to share what they’re finding hard right now. It’s hard to remember what it feels like to be 3 years old and we’re incredibly lucky to have the Early Starts to remind us. FYI Early Starts – catching a bunny rabbit will always be hard, even when you grow up!

Opening the fridge

Climbing a tree

Catching a bunny rabbit

Building 900-piece lego

Opening my chocolate

Playing all by myself

Balancing on one foot

Carrying a big bowl to help mummy

Putting away my big toys

Hopping on one foot

Going to bed

Blowing up balloons

Riding my bike in the snow

Doing schoolwork with Papa

Waiting for the holidays

Jumping over puddles

Sharing with my brother

Zipping up my jacket