Early Start in the Kitchen

On Wednesday, the Early Start friends got to make a wonderful Fall treat…pumpkin muffins! In small groups, we talked about each ingredient needed, and everyone had a chance to add something and stir up the batter. Everyone used their patience and listening skills well, and many Early Starts showed enthusiasm for helping and watching. When we opened the can of pumpkin purée, we talked about the colour and smell. We added the purée to the bowl of ingredients and watched as the batter turned from beige to orange. Once our batter was complete, a few friends accompanied Dana to the kitchen. We discussed kitchen safety, and how important it is to stay away from the oven. Dana popped the muffin tin into the oven and set the timer. Our batter turned from a liquid into fluffy, tasty treats that were enjoyed during afternoon snack. Yummy!

Dana, Liz, Anah & Sarah
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School