An Apple A Day Helps Our Early Starts Play!

It’s time for a sweet little spot light on one of our classrooms! Our Early Start Prekindergarten children have been busy this week! School is still all fresh and new for them so getting them right into hands on work helps creates routine, comfortability, and of course keeps learning fun! Our Early Starts enjoyed learning all about apples and exploring some loose parts kits!

They incorporated graphing into their math discussions during circle learning time, where they surveyed and tallied their favourite apples! They learned the bases of building a graph by collecting their apple data and how to apply it in the graph design.
They made apple trees in their art crafting activities this week. Not only do our Early Starts love arts and crafts time, but these activities bring in creativity and allow them to start to begin the understanding of follow through from beginning to end of a project! It brings a sense of accomplishment and pride!
The children also explored loose parts and came up with the idea to make apple orchards! Our school is so excited to incorporate loose parts into their classroom learning and our Early Starts hit the ground running with this fun activity! Loose parts inspire kids to use their imagination and creativity as they can combine and use in countless different ways. Playing with loose parts encourages problem solving skills, helping children figure out how to use different pieces to achieve their goal. Handling small loose parts like beads and buttons help our youngest learners continually develop their fine motor skills, which are important for writing, holding, working on hand specifications, and other tasks. Sharing and playing with loose parts in groups promotes social interaction, teamwork and communication skills. Loose parts play supports open ended learning, allowing kids to explore and learn at their own pace, fostering and nurturing an ever growing love for learning.