Earth Day at CGS

Many of our Students arrived on foot, by bike or by scooter, the lights were dimmed or turned off, the announcements encouraged everyone to turn off water taps, keep lights off as much as possible, walk instead of drive, respect wildlife to prevent species from becoming endangered and even to plant a tree! Our classrooms were full of discussion on ways they are already doing what they can and how they can do even more.

Earth Day Aquarium

The JK class made some special Earth Week aquariums. They used paper plates as their aquarium enclosure and made their own fish and water plants to place.

Earth Day Workshop

All of our students enjoyed participating in a special Earth Day livestream workshop hosted by Mark Cullen. They read through the book ‘Plant a Seed’ together and learned about the life cycle of a seed, plants and butterflies.

Planting Seeds

Our Early Start students used empty egg cartons to plant their seeds for Earth Day. They were so careful with their seeds and helped each other to keep the dirt in place while they were planting.

Planting Bulbs

Our Grade 3&4 class prepared for Earth Day by also getting ready for spring. While learning their unit on plants, seed cycles and what conditions maximize plant growth, they planted their own bulbs. The class learned how best to prep a flower pot and investigated the qualities of each bulb. The students are so excited tend and water their bulbs and to see what happens!

Some of our Earth Day Posters!