Easter and Passover

CGS had a surprise visitor this week – the Easter Bunny!! With carrot in hand, the Easter Bunny visited classrooms promising all of the students lots of chocolates over the holiday weekend.

Early Start

The Early Start’s had so much fun this week making block prints using a painted potato in the shape of an egg! So adorable!

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class enjoyed a special virtual presentation all about Passover from one of the JK parents. During the presentation, the class learned about what Passover means and how important it is for friends and family, all of the Seder foods, their meaning and why Matzoh is unleavened. They read two stories about Passover during the presentation. The students had so much fun learning all about this beautiful celebration.

Senior Kindergarten

The SK’s have been working on their special bunny art project for the last two weeks. The teachers helped every student paint the bottom of their feet for the project and cut out special photos taken especially for the pieces. Once everyone’s feet paintings were dry they put together the complete project. What they created are these adorable SK bunny rabbits.

Grade 1

The Gr 1’s made some very festive bunny masks this week. Some of the students loved their mask so much that they wanted to wear it for the rest of the week!

Grade 2

The Gr 2’s started their Thursday by making Easter baskets that they could use to collect eggs during their egg hunt.
Every student then received a fragile egg that they needed to be very careful with. Every student discovered that their egg then hatched a baby chick! The students were tasked with naming their chicks filling in a baby book with information about their new baby. It was such a cute way to celebrate the season and so much fun!

Grade 3&4

The Gr 3&4’s had a fun egg hunt which included a little surprise inside each student’s egg. They each gave names to their peeps, beds and houses.