End of Year Projects

CGS 2021/2022 Art Show

We are already well aware of the fantastic work that CGS art teacher, Carrie, does with our Stars and this video punctuates that beautifully. Showcasing pieces of various students from Grades JK through Grade 4, this art show is just spectacular. We are so proud of our talented CGS Stars! Special thanks to Carrie for her fantastic work inspiring these budding artists and to Dayna for her editing and production work.

Seeds that Grow!

As part of our CGS Earth Day celebrations – back in April! – the Early Start students planted a little seed in a cup.
One diligent student took their seed home and planted it in their garden. Here is what that little seed looks like now!

Habitat Diorama

The Grade 3&4 class was tasked with creating their own habitat as the final project in their ‘habitats’ science unit. It could have been rainforest, forest, polar, ocean etc. The Grade 3’s were responsible for adding a plant to the dioramas that can be found in each specific habitat.