Ever Been Ghost Bowling?

How lucky are the Grade 2’s and 3’s to have teachers with such an amazing sense of occasion? Emily and Jordan joined forces to create a Halloween Carnival experience in the gym for their class parties. First, the children had to knock down all the ‘pins’ (ie. stacked toilet paper rolls painted with ghost faces) with their pumpkin bowling balls. Once the pins were down, they could move on to the pumpkin made of balloons. The balloons were filled with confetti and a starburst candy – an amazing surprise when the balloons were popped with a pin! After that, it was off to split into teams to see which team could make the best mummy out of one roll of toilet paper. Obviously the kids were hungry after all that effort so they made vampire teeth (with blood icing) out of cookies, Popeye sticks and marshmallows. Fun!