Fair is Fair

We had our Fairness Character Education Assembly on Tuesday. It started off with bilingual O Canada and announcements with Quinn and Carter. Thank you guys! Marie did a little something different this month and read the children a story called, Fair is Fair, by Sonny Varela. The most important message from this story is that fair doesn’t always mean equal. Fairness is about people getting what they need when they need it. Congratulations to our character certificate recipients. Your fair mindedness makes our school a better place every day!

Overall, fairness is about making sure that everyone is treated with the kindness and respect they deserve. Lots of times I hear children and adults saying “That’s not fair” and it is normal to feel that way sometimes but the next time you hear yourself saying that, or feel yourself thinking that, try to remember the story I read to you today and know that most times we are actually getting what we need when we need it!


Next up for March is a character trait we’ve never officially explored at school before ~ self-regulation. It is admittedly a tricky one for little ones to grasp, but we are looking forward to focussing on all the ways that self-regulation has a profound impact on our experience in a way that the children can relate too.

Take care how you speak to yourself because you are listening! ~Unknown