Fake or Real?

Sincerity is the face of the soul. ~ Sanial Dubay

Marie had fun at the Character Ed Assembly on Tuesday testing the children on what is real and what is fake. She had several pieces of real and fake fruit to show them. She used this process of discerning as a jumping-off point to illustrate the difficult concept of sincerity before she talked about its meaning.

Sincerity is defined as being real inside and out. When our words and actions show what is in our hearts, we show the quality of sincerity. Sincerity inspires us to be truthful and faithful in our dealings with others. For example, when we say that we are sorry for something that we have done, we also know in our hearts that we will try our very best not to do it again. It is through our sincerity that others can see the purity of our hearts and place trust in us. ~ Marie Bates

Next up in March is Patience.