A Spooktacular Success for our Fall Family Fun Night!

Another spooktacular event hosted by our CGS Parent’s Association as they accomplished their mission to make this year’s Fall Family Fun Night truly unforgettable for our CGS students, families, teachers and community.

Our Annual Halloween bash took place again at St Cuthbert’s church where thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated PA members, they transformed the entire place into a Fall Halloween fun house! From spiders, cobwebs, and colourful pumpkins, along with eerie ghost, skeletons, and spooky lights this night was ready for a dance party take over full of enchantment and excitement. The atmosphere was nothing short of magical and fun with a twist of the Halloween spirit!

We had an incredible DJ duo Soul Power, who MC’d our whole party, costume and raffle contests and kept the energy of the crowd through the roof the whole night by providing all the greatest spooky hits that kept everyone grooving on the dance floor. It was wonderful to see all our families, teachers, and students dancing together, showcasing the strong sense of community that makes CGS so special.

Children, parents, and even teachers went all out in dressing up for the costume contest! We had some incredible family costumes that blew the judges and everyone away! From homemade Dinosaurs and Lego Families, to Roman and Royal Families, and even the crazy classics of skeletons, superheroes and Mario Families! The creativity on display was nothing short of amazing, making it a tough decision for the judges to crown our winners. Prizes were awarded for the scariest, funniest, and most creative costumes, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and laughter!

There also was the incredible raffle for our CGS pumpkins! All of our teachers worked hard on creating such unique and outstanding decorated pumpkins to be raffled off. Everyone was blown away at the creativity that flourished through all of these Halloween art pieces. Thank you to all our teachers who found time in their busy teaching schedules to participate in our pumpkin raffle, even though we all know you had a blast creating these incredible AGO worthy halloween masterpieces.

No party would be complete without a spread of delicious eats and treats, and this year’s Halloween bash was no exception. The Parents Association organized all the food from baked goods, candy and treat bags, to Pizza Pizza, gourmet sandwiches and all our grilled dishes through Grill Time! Thank you to Grill Time for providing such an incredible array of delicious meals for all to enjoy! Every bite from dinner to treats was a reminder to our taste buds of why Halloween is a favourite tasty holiday.

For anyone who needed a break from the buzzin’ party, they could hang out in the craft room, set up with colouring and stickers galore, allowing anyone to unleash their halloween artistic talents. The crafts room was a huge hit for some, with tons of decorative masks, halloween colouring, and of course sticker masterpieces.

The CGS Fall Family Fun Night Halloween Party hosted by the PA was a testament to the power of our strong and mighty community and the love for getting everyone together for a little Halloween fun! It was a night that brought families closer together and created cherished memories that will be talked about for years to come. Thank you again to our Parent’s Association and all their hard work that paid off  for this year’s Fall Family Fun Night! It was nothing short of a spooktacular Halloween extravaganza!