Farewell to House Games 18/19

It’s hard to believe that our CGS House Games are over for another year. The House teams were so close on points leading into the last games, with only 400 points separating the 4th place House and the 1st. The theme for the last House Games was the ‘Highlight Reel’, so the activities were ‘Jump Ship’ and the ‘Shapes Game’. Jump ship is a reaction-based game, where students have to listen to words and either jump across the ship or stay put. The winners are the last two remaining from each House, scoring valuable points for their teams. The Shapes Game is a team game, where all of the Houses have to create a letter or a shape on the ground, using everyone’s body. Both games were fast-paced and fun-filled throughout. This year’s House Games points have been counted and the winner is…….Find out at the Final Assembly!

Steve Walter
Physical Education Teacher
Children’s Garden School

Best of luck Houses!