February is Non-Stop at CGS

Our week started with a spectacular Lunar New Year performance that was coordinated by our CGS Early Start educator, Cheryl.  

We watched with amazement as the talented Chinese Folk Dancers performed in vivid costumes, and the beautifully polished Qipao Fashion Models elegantly danced with feathered fans in hand.  


The duo of Cucurbit Flute Performers and the Yue and Peking Operas kept our eyes and ears engaged as the traditional music and song were artfully shared with our school-wide audience. Thank you to Jasper from Grade 2 who delivered a thank you in Mandarin to the performers on behalf of the entire CGS community.

We listened to an ancient Chinese Guqin instrument whose history goes back over 3000 years!

The TaiChi Kung Fu Fan dancers were a mix of martial arts fitness and dance. The fans looked easy to use…but we learned first-hand how difficult they are! 

Thank you, Cheryl for bringing us such an engaging exploration into the arts of Chinese culture. 

This school-wide assembly set the stage for a very exciting week…. 

Each day at our morning announcements, we shared knowledge about famous historical icons as we continue to honour Black History Month. We’re learning more about Viola Desmond, Albert Jackson, Bob Marley, Mathieu da Costa, Rosa Parks, and so many more historical heroes as the month goes on. 

Our Grade 1-2-3s visited Roy Thompson Hall on Thursday for “SingSong”; an experience with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and different styles of singing from around the world. We capped off an event-filled week with our traditional Dance Party Friday after morning announcements.

Check out our social media for more images from the TSO trip and the CGS dance party…and more!