Fill Your Bucket

This week in MindUP the JK and SK students have been talking about ‘bucket filling.’
This concept is based on the story ‘How Full is your Bucket’ by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. The story tells us that we all carry invisible buckets that float above our heads all the time. When we are happy, our bucket is full. When we are upset or nervous or angry, our buckets are empty. The story discusses different actions throughout our day that can cause our buckets to be full or empty, and things we can do to recognize if someone else’s bucket is empty and what we can do to help fill it back up. The students selected names at random and wrote ‘bucket filling notes’ to each other. They were encouraged to dig deep and really think about something special that they like or admire about that person. It was a lovely activity leaving all the students with big smiles on their faces, and full buckets above their heads!

Lisa Garard
MindUP Teacher
Children’s Garden School