Five Major Senses

This week the Grade 1 Scientists have begun their exploration of The Five Major Senses. The children were already familiar with our five major senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. They were excited to learn that humans actually have more than five senses! We talked about the sense of proprioception – how our brain understands where we are in space – and how some people don’t perceive senses the same way, such as people with synesthesia who may see sounds as colours. We discussed how the five major senses are very important for us as scientists as they help us to observe the world around us and learn and grow. We also discussed how there are some people who can still learn and observe even without one or more of these senses – a famous example is Helen Keller. After discussing making observations using the Five Major Senses we enjoyed a special treat of homemade popcorn! The children made observations using all five senses and, boy, were they accurate! What a fun and exciting start to our Grade 1 science journey!
Heather & Emily
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School