Fluttering Through Life- A JK Spotlight!

What a wonderful thing to learn about life! Our JKs have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly. They dove into each and every aspect of this cycle, learning facts from the National Geographics, through different stories in the classroom, certain science videos teaching them how they move, fly, and taste with their feet, how there are 4 stages in metamorphosis, and of course the big question of how our life cycle is different!

Sara and Simon have been guiding our JKs through fun and creative ways to learn hands on through this wonderful way of life. The JKs broke down the big transformation of metamorphosis by molding through each stage. From caterpillar to butterfly, our JKS created their own eggs, larvae, pupas, and finally the transformation to an adult fluttering butterfly. They have been painting and crafting away this week creating their own colourful butterflies and all the characteristics that make each of them unique.

Our bright JKs are having lots of fun asking questions to continue to expand their learning. Their curious minds lead them to evolving classroom conversations and new learnings of how long this process takes, how they as humans don’t grow the same way, how important caterpillars and butterflies are to our environment, and what other cycles of life look like!

Have a look at our JKs transforming through their learning!