Food Group Fun

The Early Start children have been learning about healthy eating over the last few weeks. We have had great fun exploring all the different food groups. To put their knowledge to use, the children made their very own vegetable soup. We started by following a recipe and then the real fun began. There was lots of chopping, peeling and measuring to do. Once the ingredients were all prepared, we headed to the kitchen to put the soup on the stove. (The children were very up to date with all the safety rules around the stove, thank you parents.) After a morning of cooking, the children were delighted to taste their homemade soup. Staff were also treated to a bowl or two and, by all reports, the Early Starts know how to cook! It was an exciting activity and we had a wonderful time watching some inspiring little chefs emerge.

Liz, Annette & Ange
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School