Freya the Fairy Needs Our Help

The Grade 2 Class found a very special message in their class Tuesday morning. This message was written by a fairy named Freya. She had been listening to our class and trying to learn with us. The students were so happy to read her message. They noticed that her note had some spelling, capital, and punctuation mistakes. The students found each mistake and corrected it so that Freya could learn from their corrections at night.

We talked about how this neighbourhood is full of old trees and that that is where fairies usually live. The students were so excited they left her notes asking more questions and even made her a little fairy home with a bed. Their efforts seemed to work because the fairy visited again the following night! She even left sparkle foot prints around the classroom and on the fairy house. The students surmised that she gets into the classroom through a small hole in the cupboard. Footprints showed up right by the small hole! They were right.

The students are looking forward to more messages from Freya and eager to see what she has learned from their corrections.

This is such a magical time in the Grade 2 classroom!

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School