Friday STEM in Grade 2/3

The Grade 2/3’s have been enjoying their Friday morning STEM activities! For our latest challenge we decided to leave it quite open-ended, creating a ‘STEM Buffet’ for them to choose their materials from and build whatever they desired from their randomly selected teams. Our only instructions were that time had to be set aside for planning, and that good teamwork had to be on display. The structures blew us away! We had a ‘Fuzzy Land’, a robot named ‘Mr. Freaky Pants’, an elaborate haunted house, and a fashion store. We took turns viewing and listening to the presentations of each team, where they shared the materials they used, and problems they encountered during the process. Many groups used trial and error, and learned how to adapt their original plan based on how construction was going. We have quite a group of engineers on our hands. Great work Grade 2/3!

Lisa & Michelle
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School