Friendship Bracelets for Barlonyo

The Pancake Breakfast was a big event for Principal’s Club but there is still lots on the agenda for the club. The children were busy making friendship bracelets this week. A big part of the club is fostering connection and making something personal to send over to the children in Barlonyo is a great way to do that. The bracelets were a big hit last year (pictured above) and the children are really happy to be sending more this year. Marie is looking forward to inviting the UCC boys (who are travelling to Barlonyo in March) to speak to the club when they are back. Part of the mandate for the boys on the UCC trip is to identify needs at the school in Barlonyo. With Lorna’s guidance, they will be sharing their findings and will be making recommendations, based on their first-hand experience, on what is most needed at the school right now.

Please watch for details on the next Principal’s Club fundraiser, their in-school hot chocolate sale, coming up on the last day of Term 2. Thank you in advance for your support, it makes such a difference in the lives of the children at our sister school in Barlonyo.