Fun Field Friday & House Games!!

We had a blast last Friday at CGS! We were graced with some amazing weather where the sun was shining bright, and a fresh layer of snow came and covered our front school field! It made last week’s Field Fridays that much better to play and participate in. Every Friday our grade 1-3s get up to some fun activities! We encourage all our students to participate in different physical activities to promote a positive healthy well-balanced lifestyle. The more we incorporate positive physical movement the more we learn the importance of a how a healthy body helps us keep our mind attentive while learning.


It was also the last Friday of the month, which means it was time for House Games!! All of our students patiently waited all week for our friendly afternoon of competition! This month our House Games were all about working together to show our best teamwork and team spirit! All four houses worked amongst their teams to create an original house cheer to demonstrate their team spirit! They got to perform them to everyone in the gym in a CGS Cheer Off! Then using their team building skills they competed in a house games tournament!  This was the first time all the 4 houses got to work together and compete against each other! It was truly a CGS Spirit Party!