Garbage Ball House Games

We had such a fun Friday last week with Pizza Lunch, Toonie Free Dress and House Games all taking place. Before House Games there was only 300 points separating the leading house and the 4th place house, so everything was to play for. This House Games was the turn for Garbage Ball, a fast and furious team game. The aim of the game is to throw as much garbage (foam balls) from your side of the gym to the opponent’s side of the gym as possible. When the whistle blows, the house team with the least amount of garbage on their side is the winner. In all four games the scores were very close and we even had a tie for the final game. The house teams really enjoyed Garbage Ball and working with their fellow housemates. House spirit was at an all-time high! Everyone is already excited for next month’s House Games. It’s hard to believe that there are only two more House Games remaining this year.

Steve Walter
Physical Education Teacher
Children’s Garden School