Getting Ready for Public Speaking

Public Speaking is always a focus at CGS but right now the children are paying a little more attention than usual, as the Public Speaking Contest is fast approaching on April 24. Emily’s class has been playing a game they call Talking Points. The aim of the game is to get comfortable speaking on any topic. The children are working on their speeches at home, crafting them and making sure they are well structured, but the in-class goal is all about comfort, not content. The children pick a topic out of a hat and are asked to speak for 1 minute on that subject. Subjects are general – things like reading, movies, recess or animals. While the children speak on their chosen subject they are keeping in mind the elements of good public speaking – good posture, consistent eye content and voice modulation. The next time they play, Emily will be asking them to start their 1 minute speech with a question. Starting a speech with a question can be a great way for speakers to engage their audience. The children may decide to incorporate this strategy into their final speeches after trying it out in class in a more casual setting.