Getting Windblown in SK


For STEAM on Friday, January 17th, the SK’s enjoyed listening to Windblown by Édouard Manceau. In the story, colourful scraps of paper in various shapes blow in the wind. One by one they take shape and transform into different animals each with their own stories to tell. Towards the end of the story, with one last gust, the wind blows all the pieces over to the reader and asks: “What will you do?” After some creative brainstorming, each student received colourful Windblown scraps of paper and created their own unique images. With inspiration from the story, some students created animals while others decided to branch out and create roads, trains and various other things with their pieces. Afterwards, everyone got a chance to show and share their own Windblown story in front of the class. Keep up the fantastic imagining and creating SK’s!
Ange Petrie
Resource Teacher on SK Assignment
Children’s Garden School