Draco Pegasus Delphinus & Pavo

‘House Games’ is a fun CGS tradition that takes place on the last Friday of every month. Children are assigned to a House when they become a student at CGS. Our preschoolers are a bit young for House Games so they are assigned a House when they are in JK. Staff are also assigned to a House and love building team spirit with the children. You can see our House Boards (Delphinus, Pegasus, Draco and Pavo), and the current tally of House Points, in the upstairs hall. Each House receives points based on their performance at House Games and individual students receive House Points for good behaviour during regular school activities.

House Games gives everyone a great chance to play and interact with students from different grades, all working towards the same goal. Our first House Games took place last Friday. Everyone enjoyed the challenges and team orientated activities, including the famous Dance Off and making the first letter of their House with their bodies. It was especially exciting for the JK’s as it was their first time competing as part of a House Team! Everyone is already looking forward to next month’s edition.

Steve Walter
Physical Education Teacher
Children’s Garden School