The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

The Grade 1-3’s had an absolutely amazing hockey tournament on Wednesday afternoon! The students were ‘drafted’ into 6 NHL teams, each with a teacher as their coach. We played a full round robin tournament, with each team competing in 5 four minute games. The energy was high, the enthusiasm was contagious and the sportsmanship was heartwarming to witness.

After 5 rounds of play the Pittsburgh Penguins, led by Kaya Tomovski, took home the top prize. Arch rivals Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens ended up tied in second place, sending us into a shootout. After an intense, heart stopping FIFTEEN ROUNDS of shootout, right before we were about to call it a tie, Montreal Canadiens player Oliver Narciso scored the winning goal for his team! The crowd went wild! Special mention to goalies Erick Thorsteinson and Quinn Daniels for keeping the shootout so close.

Three special mentions went out to players exhibiting exemplary sportsmanship. Congrats to Erick, Arman T and Gavin for winning the sportsmanship prizes this year.

Thank you to the Early Start, JK and SK classes for coming down to the gym to cheer us on in your jerseys. (They also had their own hockey games in gym class.) And thank you to Grade 1 mom Kelly for providing our after game snack.

This is a highlight of the year for the students (and teachers!) at CGS and we couldn’t be more thrilled at how much fun our hockey day was.

Lisa Garard
Physical Education Teacher
Children’s Garden School