Grade 1 Builds Local

The Grade One class has been learning about their local community in Social Science. They have been learning about natural and built (man-made) features in the community and why we require both of them to meet the needs in our community.

The students have been very engaged with this topic and wanted to showcase their learning by creating a structure in their community. Using various recycled materials, the students were free to design their structure any way they pleased. We had many fabulous creations including an apartment, a forest, a school and a zoo. After the building was done, the children completed a small write-up about the important details of their creation and the needs it would meet in the community.

This work is all in preparation for the culminating task of creating a diorama of their own community. Final projects will be presented in front of the class. This activity has been such a great way to practice our writing and presentation skills. We can’t wait to see the kids shine during their final presentations. Way to go Grade Ones!

Michelle M & Michelle L
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School