Grade 2 “Celebrations” Floats

Grade 2 Social Studies Celebration Floats 

Can you confidently present your work in front of a crowd of your peers?

Our CGS Grade 2s are honing their research and presentation skills while exploring the value of their own family traditions. Students were asked to create a “Celebration Float” to represent a holiday that is important to their family or culture. They were expected to interview their family to learn about the tradition’s origin and how it may have changed over the years.  

This Social Studies culminating unit project ignited their creativity as they designed and built 3-dimensional floats using boxes, paint, decorations, and other props to convey the celebratory nature of their family’s holiday tradition. 

In addition to polishing their research and organizational skills, they were asked to provide a brief oral presentation. Each student presented their creation to an audience of their peers, providing the opportunity to boost their confidence and practice the foundational skill of public speaking. 

There are so many experiences that we enjoy at CGS where we combine the excitement of learning with valuable life skills 

What is your favourite holiday celebration? Talk with your children about it and see what stories and memories emerge.