Grade 2 Problem Solvers

The Grade 2’s have been learning many addition and subtraction strategies over their years at CGS. By Grade 2 they have a bank of strategies and skills they can pull from to answer word problems. As word problems get more complex, the students must slow down the process. The students have been learning about the Four Steps of Problem Solving; Understand, Plan, Solve, and Reflect. They first must understand the problem by underlining important language and information. Then they devise a plan by choosing a strategy they know. When they solve the problem they work out the answer using their chosen strategy and show their work. The reflection step is important in thinking about how the problem went and if they answered correctly. They also reflect on if they think they chose the best strategy for the given problem.

The students broke into groups to answer the same word problem. However, they were instructed to use a different strategy in each group. Then the students presented their four steps to the class. It was wonderful to see the students discussing so critically, the pros and cons of each strategy. To conclude the lesson, the students took a vote on which strategy was the fastest and most effective for a greater number addition problem.

Well done, Grade 2’s!

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School